Grand Opening!!!!

We had a great celebration this past Saturday (Oct 24th), we opened our doors to existing and future practice members to celebrate our grand opening. We had the opportunity to share the power of chiropractic, and also play some fun challenges to see how their neurospinal systems were functioning and determine “What’s your number.”

We actually had the opportunity today to do a reexam on one of our practice members and she was able to improve her number from a 2 out 5 (lots of interference in her neurospinal system) to a 4 out of 5. A significant reduction in the interference within her master computer or neurospinal system. This neurospinal system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ, and function within her body! Just like in your body. In just a short amount of time we were able to improve the communication within her body, reducing stress and allowing her body to function and HEAL in the manner it was designed, from the inside out.

We had a lot of fun with everyone and are grateful to have the opportunity to serve all of you, the city of Centennial, the state of Colorado, and the world beyond.