Do you Crave Veggies? Here's how!

Anyone crave vegetables? I’m guessing that most people would say no. I remember growing up where anything that my brother or I did not want to eat we had to “take two no thank you bites”. Usually it was veggies that I didn’t want to eat; and it seems to be a common theme, there are many commercials about how kids don’t like veggies and parents have to be clever or trick their kids to eat them. But thinking about vegetables it made me start to wonder: if kids grow up not trying and not liking vegetables how will they know how to eat healthy and eat vegetables when they are adults?

I remember being in chiropractic school thinking I want to ‘eat better’; so I started packing salads for lunch every day. I had a classmate who could eat bell peppers like they were apples. That was my goal, I wanted to be able to enjoy a bell pepper and eat it like an apple. But at first it was difficult, I didn’t like eating salads, I didn’t really like all the vegetables I was eating. I would use all sorts of salad dressings to make them taste good. After a bit of time though I started to enjoy salads and enjoy all the different kind of vegetables I was eating.

So how did that happen, what changed? Well our taste buds have a life cycle anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. As I changed what I was eating and was consistently eating more vegetables, my taste buds adapted and I started to like what I was eating more and more. So when you want to start liking a certain food or want to cut out a food, do it for over two weeks and the foods you like and crave will change. Then before I knew I was eating veggies like apples!

Lastly, and most importantly are you stressed about your food, diet, time for meals with family or lack thereof? As soon as stress enters the situation we crave more simple sugars not just emotionally but physiologically. Our body perceives stress as danger and wants quick energy to do what needs to be done, add on top of that the emotional addiction patterns many of us have towards sugars, and no wonder why many of us can’t create a new veggie or even healthier food habit.

So how do we remove the stress around food? Well firstly let’s look at our overall stress, is this stress apart of a bigger stress issue? We often see in our Centennial chiropractic practice, people are just trying to get by, and are stuck in a stress pattern. The best part of getting adjusted regularly is it breaks the stress pattern neurologically from the brain outward! Once the pattern is interrupted, we can use that interrupt to create new healthy patterns around food and many other things as well.