Why you should care about your posture.

As the Family Chiropractor in Centennial, we constantly pursue our vision to see every person and family have their spines checked regularly and when needed receive an adjustment. We often hear the question… WHY? Why does my baby need a chiropractor, why do I need to get checked when I “feel good.”


Well simply put - Poor spinal and postural health decreases function of all organs and systems.


Most people recall memories of parents and relatives demanding that children sit up straight or walk with correct posture, it turns out they were right at least about a couple things. A ground-breaking study published in 2004 proved a significant relationship between bad posture and early death from atherosclerosis and pulmonary disease. Poor posture directly related to heart and lung related deaths. The actual study determined a 44% higher risk of death in those with the poorest posture. Most medical doctors are completely unaware of this data and the significant role posture plays in health and well-being for all ages.


The study pointed out that the specific posture with the most dangerous influence on heart and lung health occurs when seated. Poor sitting posture includes hunched shoulders, a forward head tilt, a rounded mid-back, and a forward-tilting pelvis. Sixty percent of the entire work force spends nearly eight hours a day in the seated position at computers and desks. 


Poor posture directly relates to the pandemic of ever increasing diseases across the world. Millions of these cases involve heart and lung diseases discussed in the 2004 posture study. Medical solutions to most of these problems begin with prescription drugs and surgery. Solutions involving the use of drugs and surgery simply cover up the symptoms without providing a solution. The spine needs to be correctly aligned. Prescription drugs do not correct the problem and often result in negative side effects and an overall reduction in a person’s quality of life. The true cause of many of these unwanted symptoms and diseases go overlooked by almost every other healthcare provider except Chiropractors. Every Chiropractic adjustment improves health and quality of life by improving spinal and postural health.


We focus on education and constantly remind the public and our practice members to be proactive with their health. Chiropractic care facilities urge people not to wait for loved ones to develop heart or lung diseases that could have been addressed in advance with proven treatment. Adults and children alike deserve a better defense against detrimental posture problems. The solution begins with every infant, child, and adult receiving regular checkups and adjustments. Research not only proves the damaging effects of poor posture, but also proves the dramatic improvement in health and function that takes place when people begin regularly scheduled Chiropractic care.