Chiropractic Adjustment linked to Better sleep, improved breathing, increased digestion and energy.

Better sleep, improved breathing, increased digestion and energy all manifest as side effects directly related to a Chiropractic adjustment. Most children and adults in our practice experience these benefits within twenty-four hours of their first adjustment. Unlike the effects originating from pharmaceutical drugs, the health benefits of Chiropractic care develop subtly and naturally by permanently changing the function of the nervous system. Science and research support how and why these positive health changes occur after a spinal adjustment.

... All 3 of my active boys have a history of a croupy cough when they are fighting colds, and exercise- induced asthma after they run even when healthy. After just weeks of chiropractic care, they no longer cough after running and have not been sick even though they are constantly around other kiddos between school and child care activities...
— Juliane Anderson
Anderson Boys Goofing around after their Adjustment!

Science and research prove that the benefits of an adjustment go well beyond neck and back pain relief. A Chiropractic adjustment directly improves brain function. The brain regulates all body function and subsequently empowers all aspects of human performance. One big improvement noted by many in our Centennial Practice and millions of Chiropractic patients each week world wide stems from a positive influence on breathing and lung health. Research from a medical journal titled Brain Research Bulletin in 1998 found a connection between the alignment of the upper neck vertebrae and breathing. Stimulation of small neurons located in the muscles, joints, discs, and ligaments in the upper neck create positive changes in the diaphragm, lungs, and blood vessels. This significant research shows why any child or adult with lung or breathing troubles will benefit from a spine and nervous system evaluation by a Chiropractor.

At Campbell Chiropractic we specialize in finding subluxations, a misaligned or improperly moving spinal bone. A gentle force applied to the vertebra in a specific direction to promote movement and correction of the spinal malposition corrects the subluxation and immediately improves bodily function. Scientists refer to this as a stimulation of the small neurons located in and around the spine. Chiropractors call the action an adjustment intended to remove nervous system interference.

Chiropractic does not heal the body. Chiropractors simply remove interference from the nervous system by evaluating and adjusting unhealthy areas in the spine allowing the body to heal through its own power. The Chiropractic philosophy and art long ago earned validation by the best medical journals in the world. The most recent studies encompassing the past 30 years provide proof behind the unique role that Chiropractic plays in providing healthcare and influencing the health and function of all organs.

People in Centennial, and all over the world experience autonomic nervous system benefits through specific Chiropractic care each week. Improved autonomic functions include blood pressure, digestion, immunity, and fertility. The intimate relationship between the spine and the central nervous system directly influences every system within the body. These connections clearly link the role of the human spine to the function of the brain. The improved function of the body directly related to Chiropractic adjustments serves as evidence explaining why patients have experienced improvements in breathing and lung-related symptoms or conditions. Chiropractic provides a unique approach to healthcare for children and adults to get well and stay well without the use of drugs or surgery.