Add this to your morning routine!

I added cold showers to my morning a couple weeks ago, after reading about the importance of morning routines (future blog). AND it certainly wakes you up in the morning; even when you have had an upset newborn wake you up multiple times thru the night. But more than that, my alertness and creativity spiked in the minutes and hours following. So then I knew those crazies, myself now included, were onto something with these cold showers, as a choice and not a form of punishment for being the last one to shower in a big household.

So then I typed it into to Google, and it auto filled after “cold sho” so apparently there are a lot of crazies out there taking cold showers, well at least attempting them. The first one I am not going to lie… was pretty bad and I was dancing around like a fool, and my shower lasted about 10sec (another benefit I might add, no more dilly dallying in the shower in the morning). But soon luke warm feels hot, and cold feels soothing.

Doing some quick research there are a lot of benefits of the cold, cold in general drives you towards parasympathics our rest, repair, and digest side of our nervous system (think cold drives animals to hibernate (a super parasympathic mode). Well I don’t recommend hibernation nor hypothermia. Short of both those there are so real benefits backed by pretty simple biology. Benefits include increased alertness, improved skin and hair, improves immunity and circulation, stimulates fat burning, decreases inflammation/ speeds healing, stress reduction, decreases depression.

All of these benefits derive from the stimulation of parasympathics. We actually have some reflexes in our body around cold, most pertinently the diving reflex, splash cold water on your face and watch your heart rate drop up to 25%. We see similar things after the chiropractic adjustment, also drives the parasympathics. Both, cold and chiropractic, switch us over to our rest and repair mode (parasympathics) which lets us see past our stress (stress reduction), improves immune function (increased immunity), supports a healthy metabolism (fat loss), increases healing speeds, and increases prefrontal cortex function (decreases depression, also stress reduction).

So since I’m not willing to come over to house every morning, I recommend a cold shower to drive up your parasympathics, then later on come on by to our office in Centennial and we will get you adjusted to keep you in your parasympathic mode.