Important Covid-19 Announcement

We are extending our normal business hours

  • Cleaning Patient Clip Boards after every use.
  • Tables Are Cleaned Between Each Patient.
  • Children's toys have been removed from family room.
  • Commonly touched surfaces are cleaned multiple times per hour (door handles, chairs, front desk etc.)
  • Patients with any symptoms are asked to call use immediately - (720)-708-2275
  • Patients who are well are encouraged to make their appointments... chiropractic adjustments decrease stress on your body and increase immune system function
  • Staff that are Sick will not be allowed in the office
  • We are taking extra special care ourselves as a team to ensure our health. Getting extra adjustments and taking steps to boost and maintain high levels of immune function.

We are offering a 30 min. Virtual Class every Wednesday night over the next 5 weeks starting March 25th at 6 pm about "SUPER CHARGING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM." For more information and to register, call us at (720)-708-2275 or fill out our contact form.

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