STUDY REVEALS: PAIN, or lack there of, is not a good indicator of health.

Every pain originates somewhere and for a reason. No symptoms (pain, hunger, spasm, fatigue) occur in the body without a cause. Pain and other symptoms are a healthy response to an unresolved issue. Pain usually shows up as one of the last symptoms after an underlying cause has existed for a long period. Pain will often disappear long before the cause of an underlying issue is completely resolved. This relationship between pain and disease paint a clear picture of why pain should not be used as a primary indicator of stress within the body.

Many examples come to mind when explaining this concept, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, and cancerous tumors. All of these conditions typically begin without pain until their final stages of disease. The nervous system and spine operate the same way. A study demonstrating this was published in a European medical journal. They evaluated over 800 young adults between the ages of 24-27 years old and split the young adults into two groups. One group had no neck or shoulder pain while the other group experienced consistent neck and/or shoulder pain. All of the subjects underwent an MRI to evaluate the health of their spine and intervertebral discs. Four major disc problems were looked for: disc protrusions, disc degeneration, annular tears, and disc herniation.

pain organ spine neuvous system.jpg

The following findings existed in the group with no current or previous back or neck pain:

Disc Protrusion               - present in 87% of subjects

Disc Degeneration         - present in 73% of subjects

Disc Annular Tear          - present in 63% of subjects

Disc Herniation               - present in 0% of subjects

The following findings existed in the group with recurrent or persistent neck and/or shoulder pain:

Disc Protrusion               - present in 69% of subjects

Disc Degeneration         - present in 56% of subjects

Disc Annular Tear          - present in 50% of subjects

Disc Herniation               - present in 25% of subjects

The study concludes that symptoms do not need to be present in order to have an underlying problem. People often neglect their spine and nervous system because they do not experience any physical pain and pharmaceutical companies advertise a solution in the form of drugs and harmful surgeries when pain finally does arrive. The spine plays far too vital of role in the health of all body function to follow a model of health based on reacting when the body begins to fail. From heart function and digestion to immunity and reproduction, the spine and nervous system serves as a vital component to optimal health that needs careful evaluation and lifelong maintenance. Pain usually manifests as a final alarm that something is terribly wrong within the body. Chiropractors believe in proactively achieving and maintaining spinal health. True health care allows the incredible power within the body to flourish and provide years to life and life to years.