Campbell Chiropractic focuses on three things; health, life, and family. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care to help you achieve a greater quality of life.  We will focus on increasing your neurospinal health, by removing any interference in your spine and provide you with lifestyle modifications. This will improve your health and happiness by restoring balance and healing within your body.

Campbell Chiropractic cares for all people who want better life and health. Some of our specialties include: neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, spine pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, pregnancy, pediatrics, assessing developmental milestones, and treatment of athletes.



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Dr. Ashley Campbell treated my neck, back, and hips, focusing on pain and discomfort associated with wear and tear from work. Dr. Campbell worked both skillfully and compassionately. She cares not only about the quality of her adjustments but about creating lifestyle changes that promote real change in her patients’ lives.
— Brooke Washington
In today’s medical climate, it oftentimes feels as though doctors and medical personnel are in a rush to quickly move on to the next patient with the next set of needs. My experience was so dramatically different. I always felt that I was the highest priority of Dr. Campbell’s attention.
He proved this by his desire to educate me in taking better care of my body. His thoroughness in explaining the modalities, nutrition options and supplemental exercises to address my issues was above and beyond my expectation. Dr. Campbell would tailor a very specific plan to my needs and lifestyle and at the same time challenge me to refrain from food and activities that were contributing to my physical challenges.
Because of Dr. Campbell’s care, I feel better than I have in years and I have been able to resume and pursue activities that were off limits for so long because of the pain and physical limitations that hindered me. I am grateful for his time,
knowledge and care.
— Mike Dsane
I’ve been going to the doctor for my headaches since I was 14 years old. I’ve taken MRIs and been on multiple medications until my husband suggested going to the chiropractor. I was fearful in the beginning, but Dr. Campbell quickly changed that for me. Dr. Campbell was instantly invested in my well-being. He adjusted me and my husband twice a week, gave us exercises to do, and taught us the importance of diet. As a family, we grew more healthy together. More than being a talented chiropractor, Darby is a caring friend who cares about the well-being of his patients.
— Sky Dsane
I have been under the care of Campbell Chiropractic for three months now. I’ve seen them for neck cramps and body aches, and leave feeling great. On top of that they pointed I was using improper exercise technique which was leading to various aches and pains. When corrected it made a world of difference. I would not hesitate to recommend Campbell Chiropractic to anyone.
— Steve Emmons
Dr. Ashley is amazing and can work wonders! I would recommend her to anyone!
— Alex Anthony
I love Campbell Chiropractic! Ashley is amazing at making me feel comfortable and informed. She has a wealth of knowledge and truly has her clients best interest at heart. I look forward to the next few months of treatment with Ashley.
— Rebecca Bonner
Our entire family has been under the care of Campbell Chiropractic for about 3 months now. It is the first time our children have been under chiropractic care. All 3 of my active boys have a history of a croupy cough when they are fighting colds, and exercise- induced asthma after they run even when healthy. After just weeks of chiropractic care, they no longer cough after running and have not been sick even though they are constantly around other kiddos between school and child care activities. We have seen huge strides in their overall health and wellness and recommend Darby and Ashley for the entire family!
— Juliane Anderson
I have to say, Dr Ashley Campbell is amazing! She is attentive and obviously very knowledgeable. The atmosphere when you walk into the office is so comfortable, makes you feel like your in a home, not an office. I highly recommend anyone thinking about chiropractic care, to stop by this office and speak with Dr Ashley Campbell.
— Joseph Argier
Dr. Ashley is awesome. I went in last Tuesday with lower back pain that was becoming very uncomfortable. I was adjusted and later that evening realized that the pain was completely gone. Awesome!!!
— Sheri Deakins
Drs. Ashley and Darby Campbell are both very caring practitioners devoted to the health and wellness of their patients. Their mission statement is about serving families and communities, and they really take the “serve” part seriously. I am always greeted warmly by name, carefully listened to, and given as much time and careful attention as needed to get a great adjustment.

I am under the care of Dr. Darby Campbell and he is phenomenal. When I started
coming in, I had pretty significant low back and hip pain almost constantly. I
also had a fair bit of neck/shoulder pain, and occasionally I would have
instances of extremely sharp, debilitating pain when I would take a breath.

Dr. Darby not only adjusted me twice per week for a month, he explained what was going on
in my body and gave me exercises and tips to work on my specific problems and
help me get well. After just one month I notice a HUGE difference. I have very
little low back pain now, none most days, and I have not had the sharp pain
when I breathe since my first week of care. Dr. Darby even helps me with
”minor” issues, or things I wouldn’t have thought chiropractic could
help with. I told him one day that I had frequent heartburn (basically every
day). He did a special adjustment, taught me how to do it on myself, and gave
me a lot of advice on how to give my body what it needs to reduce the stomach
acid without medication. I haven’t had heartburn since.

I know this is a long review, but I really can’t say enough good about the Campbell’s.
They are wonderful, knowledgeable practitioners who genuinely care so much about
the health of the patients, families, and community they serve. You really
can’t ask for better chiropractors. If you want to get well, see the Campbell’s.
— Kristi W.