Having an active lifestyle is very beneficial but also can be risky, and participating in sports can bring with it the inevitable injury now and again. It’s just part of the package when you make that choice. The other choice you can make is trusting us with your restoration and recovery after injury. Whether it’s a sprain, strain or pulled a muscle, we’re here to help.

We work to restore your range of motion, function, and improve your body’s ability to heal all while alleviating inflammation in a natural way. Our chiropractic care and techniques are immediately effective, and you’ll feel better as a result of our hands-on care.

Restoring The Body After Injury

Our goal is to not only address the current injury but also why you got hurt in the first place. Most injuries are a breakdown over months and years due to overuse, poor mechanics, repetitive motion, AND decreased nerve flow. All of which result in lowered performance and increased chance of injury.

Our care starts by restoring nerve flow, range of motion, coordination, and strength of the spine and injured joint. So you can count on a fast return from injury, many also report improved overall performance!

Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself from the inside out. Over time, if there’s one thing you’ll be able to count on it is progress.  Our team uses a variety of techniques on your way to rehabilitation and recovery and we’re fully prepared to handle any injury or concerns you have.

We understand the thrill and passion that comes along with leading an active lifestyle too, and we want you to be able to get back to that as soon as possible.

If you are suffering from a sports injury, please reach out to our team here at Campbell Chiropractic and let’s see how we can help. (720)-708-2275

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Aaron Carrado Owner of SIC Athletes- Strength and Performance Coach

Being an athlete my whole life, and now a performance coach, I know my body well. I know I needed Dr. Darby and Dr. Ashley’s help. After a short period I noticed a huge difference in my mobility and performance. Dr. Campbell has also helped me with my Spondylolisthesis (a type of chronic back injury) and a serious neck condition affecting my shoulder. I’m now lifting real weight along with a massive increase in my movement and strength capabilities. My back and neck pain has subsided drastically and performance is through the roof.

Shannon Piercy

I started seeing Dr. Campbell after being a fitness competitor and Mother of 2. I suffered from consistent migraines as well as lower back and neck pain from working out so much. I have not had one headache since I started here. I have also increased my strength and have never felt better. Dr. Campbell genuinely cares about your concerns and is absolutely wonderful. I would recommend this practice 100 times over!

Chiropractic is our Mission!

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