Arthrostim Adjusting Technique in Centennial

Arthrostim Adjusting in Centennial

In the field of chiropractic medicine, technological innovations are constantly providing new methods for delivering effective treatment. Chiropractors face a variety of patients daily, each with distinct anatomical structures, sensitivities, and thresholds for pain. Consequently, standard manual adjustments might not be universally effective for all patients. To address this variability, the ArthroStim Instrument emerges as a cutting-edge solution for chiropractic adjustments.

The ArthroStim Instrument, a state-of-the-art handheld tool, aids chiropractors in performing targeted adjustments with high precision. This powerful device can execute 12-14 incremental thrusts per second, far exceeding the capabilities of traditional single-thrust methods. The instrument’s design enables the dispersion of adjustment force over several rapid thrusts, enhancing the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment. This allows for the application of force to be finely adjusted to the individual needs of each patient, ensuring a more gentle and efficient adjustment process.

ArthroStim Instrument

The ArthroStim Instrument is a precise adjustment tool aiding chiropractors in delivering targeted adjustments and stimulations efficiently.

Effective for All

Using an adjustment tool enables chiropractors to perform highly precise adjustments, optimizing results for patients ranging from young children to older adults.

Why Use a tool?

It’s reported to often outperform manual adjustments in pain relief, thanks to its precision accuracy.

Instrument-assisted adjustments focus the same force as manual ones on a smaller area, offering lower impact for specific conditions or symptoms.

Arthrostim Adjusting Technique in the Centennial Area

Based on your health concern, our team might recommend the ArthroStim instrument for a more precise adjustment. It’s particularly beneficial when a higher impact in a smaller area is essential, yet maintains comfort. We’ll consider if ArthroStim adjusting is suitable for your care during your visits.

How does the ArthroStim instrument it work?

Understanding the function of the ArthroStim Instrument necessitates a basic knowledge of chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments involve precise manipulations that activate neural receptors in the targeted area, generating nerve impulses that relay essential information to the brain. The brain then processes this information, enhancing its comprehension of the affected area’s condition and subsequently dispatching self-regulating signals to muscles and other body systems, thereby promoting healing. The ArthroStim Instrument supports these adjustments by providing controlled, repetitive inputs, making the process faster, more comfortable, and more efficient. This technique intensifies the stimulation of neural receptors, facilitating the transmission of a greater volume of information to the brain while minimizing effort, pain, and force.

What are the benefits of ArthroStim?

The ArthroStim Instrument enhances treatment efficacy while significantly reducing the force applied, making it versatile for a broad spectrum of conditions and ailments. Its gentle approach is particularly advantageous for:

  • Infants and young children
  • Those experiencing acute or severe pain
  • Highly sensitive individuals
  • Those averse to traditional “cracking” adjustments
  • Individuals with neck pain
  • People needing extremity adjustments
  • The elderly

Moreover, it’s beneficial for larger and stronger individuals, who might be challenging to adjust with a standard single thrust, due to the ‘neurological assist’ the ArthroStim Instrument offers.

Manual Adjustments vs. Instrument Assisted Adjustments with the ArthroStim

Manual Adjustments


  • Sensory Feedback: The tactile feedback during manual adjustments allows chiropractors to gauge a patient’s musculoskeletal system effectively.
  • Immediate Effectiveness Feedback: Practitioners can directly feel if their techniques are working, unlike with devices where functionality might be less apparent.


  • Physical Limitations: The effectiveness of manual adjustments is constrained by the practitioner’s physical strength and endurance, which may decrease accuracy and increase fatigue.
  • Wear and Tear on Practitioner: Continuous use of manual techniques can lead to exhaustion of hands and arms, potentially compromising the quality of care.

Instrument Assisted Adjustments


  • Precision and Lower Impact: Instruments like the ArthroStim can deliver targeted force accurately, offering less invasive adjustments, beneficial for sensitive patients or those with specific injuries.
  • Efficiency: The increased accuracy and speed of instrument-assisted adjustments allow for more focused care, enhancing patient consultation and treatment time.


  • Cost: The initial purchase and ongoing maintenance of instruments can be costly, particularly for new practices.
  • Training and Maintenance: Proper use requires specific training, and devices need regular maintenance to ensure peak performance, adding to their overall cost.

The Science Behind ArthroStim Instruments

The ArthroStim Instrument stands out in the chiropractic field for its effectiveness in pain relief, often surpassing traditional manual adjustments. This innovative tool has the capability to exert a force range from mere ounces to 40 pounds, pinpointing specific areas for treatment. It operates at a frequency of 12-14 hertz, a rate higher than many competing chiropractic instruments, ensuring rapid and precise adjustments.

Chiropractors often use the ArthroStim Instrument independently or in combination with other adjustment techniques, customizing the approach to align with individual treatment plans. To determine if the ArthroStim is appropriate for your specific needs, it is advisable to consult with your chiropractor. They can offer valuable insights into which adjustment methods will most effectively treat your particular condition.

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